Budapest New Metro


New cars are coming to Budapest, I mean new metro cars, which is really cool. The old ones are very old and rusty.

I don’t like traveling by metro in Budapest unless I have to. OK, it will take you everywhere in the city as Budapest public transport is quite efficient, but I don’t like traveling underground. The noise is killing me. Not on the new metro though.

You can see the new metro cars in Budapest here. BKV, the official public transportation company needs some serious modernization.

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  1. Budapest has one of the oldest systems in Europe, right? Aren’t stations on the first line significantly smaller than the rest, and have a bit of an older feel to them? Have they been refurbished recently?

    • Hi, yes, they are certainly a lot smaller and nostalgia than the more modern metro lines (M2, M3 and the who knows when we can use new M4). Many children enjoy it as if it was a fun ride, good to see their faces. Even the rings sound from another decade totally. :)
      Thanks for visiting the blog! I like your quirky photos of Europe, Jonathan!

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