Things to do in Budapest is a collection of Budapest tips if you are at a loss as a first time tourist in Budapest, and don’t have an idea about what things to do during your Budapest holiday. I am a big fan of Budapest, like to come back here if I can do it, though I live in the countryside in Hungary. When I moved to Budapest as a college student, suddenly I dropped into a different world with unexpectedly metropolitan dimensions, if you see what I mean.

You can do loads of things for 1 day in Budapest, 3 days in Budapest, 1 week in Budapest, or even for many months if you come to learn and work in Budapest, like me when I first fell in love with this poetic city. You will definitely not get bored, and you will surely find some fellow citizens from your country as Budapest is truly a cosmopolitan place with many foreigners visiting, living in the city, Budapest expats help each other out, there are various cultural institutions for most of the major cities and countries, like the French Institute, the German Institute (Goethe Institute), even the Portuguese have an institute (Camoes) in Budapest!

Sure, not everything is polished, clean, and you will see homeless people in the streets but Budapest is a must see for all.

So here are some tips, leave your comments, send your feedback, share and enjoy.

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