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Budapest Dinner on the Danube: I felt spoilt!


We celebrated our anniversary (not a big number yet) with an evening I have longed or long wanted to try. My friend did not say a word, just that I should be pretty. I guessed that we would go to a special place. I kept nagging him, Costes? Comme chez sois? Balettcipo? I have like a dozen restaurants on my list I want to try in Budapest!

When we were heading to the river Danube, down to the cobblestones of the docks I knew it would not be the land restaurants of my wish list, but the boat dinner I was so curious about. And there it was, our beautiful ship, all glassy and classy! It was the best dinner cruise in Budapest (apparently there are more, we had the Pay as you order dinner)

The food was delicious! The dessert was ooooohsoyummy. I could have done with a bigger salad, but all courses were good and light. Plus we had a bottle of champagne (easily done). I felt really spoilt with all the panorama, and love, and champagne!

Our dinner boat on the Danube in Budapest

Our dinner boat on the Danube

There is no smoking on the boat, so we had to go out on the deck for a cigarette break, but all in all it was a cheesy little evening I can put in my photo album!

If you have a Budapest Card you can get some discount I think.

Fruccola in Budapest – to eat, to eat


I don’t like heavy meals. There you have it. I am not a fan of goulash. Boooo. I know. I am a salad kind of girl. Fresh yummy salads any time!

I am glad that Frucola opened up, good light salads and paninis, baguettes, granary etc. Why isn’t there more places like this all over the world? Why isn’t Fruccola bigger?

Fruccola Budapest

Fruccola Budapest

Budget place to eat? No. But it is made with real fruits and veggies.

Try their juice made with orange carrot and beetroot, and maybe ginger. It is pretty good. Here are some reviews of Fruccola on Tripadvisor.

So I usually eat at places in Budapest, which have good salads, or for a lunch treat I pick some seafood at the best Italian restaurants in Budapest.

So here is my new tip for Budapest things to do:

eat at Fruccola if you are a salad fan like me, and hate greasy oily unhealthy chain foods.

Take a Budapest market tour to get some insights into the Hungarian veggies and fruits, market halls, cuisine, culinary traditions.